What to Expect in a Second Story Addition

What to Expect in a Second Story Addition

As homeowners, we often find ourselves looking for ways to improve our living space so that there is more room to get things done or perhaps entertain. We can often move outward by adding a new room or two, but depending on the size of your lot, that can be a challenge. However, there is an alternative – you can opt for a second story addition.

When it comes to adding an upstairs to your home, there is an assortment of things to keep in mind. After all, not every home lends itself well to second floor addition nor is every new addition easy transformation. Consequently, there are number of aspects to consider. These elements include:

· Be sure that it is allowed. From HOAs to city rules and regulations, there are often parameters that you need to adhere to in building a second story addition. Things such as Floor Area Ratios, Lot Coverage and other elements that must be followed before you get too involved in the planning and dreaming part of the build.

· Talk to an architect to determine what your options are for the upstairs addition. They can draft sketches that give you options for how to best utilize the space available.

· Have someone check the foundation and structure. Sometimes, a home’s foundation is designed to only support a specific amount of weight. As a result, adding a new story to the home would be detrimental to the stability of the structure. An inspector or engineer will be able to inspect the area and let you know how much additional weight the structure can handle.

· Consider having a place to stay during the building. Depending on the scope of the project, you may need to think about where you will be living during the building process.

· Be sure to work with a reputable contractor and then find out who is responsible for obtaining the building.

· Take time to clean out the attic, before beginning the job. Don’t wait until the start day to get things moved. Look at the time prior to the job as the perfect time to divide and conquer so that when the build is completed you can truly use the space to its full potential.

Having a second story added to your home is a great way to make organization easier, have more room for living or entertaining, and add property value to your home. Talk to a local builder today.