What Are The Relocation Perks Given By MNC’s To Their Employees And What Can They Do Better

Multinational corporations a.k.a MNCs whether foreign or Indian have their branches spread all over the globe and often produce tremendous relocation opportunities nationally as well as internationally for their employees. With these relocation opportunities they also provide certain services, to make the employee and their family feel comfortable. When a company relocates its employees, it is not an overnight decision, it involves a lot of discussions and calculations.

Therefore when an employee relocates, a company provides certain perks to keep the employee motivated, but with changing times requirements are also changing. To understand it better let us look into the current relocation facilities offered by Multinational corporations and in the latter part what can be done to make it better.

• When an employee is relocating abroad, the company arranges for their visa interviews, and visa fees, plane tickets for the employee and his immediate family.

• When an employee is being relocated within the country, the company pays for the packers and movers.

• When relocating to another city, companies also pay a lump sum amount in the name of transfer cost, to cover the miscellaneous expenses which occur due to relocation.

• There are some companies who also provide accommodation.

These are just some of the basic amenities provided by the multinational corporations, but there are also certain perks that can always be considered, which will definitely reap positive results in the long run. These facilities that we want to highlight are not a major expense for a company but are certainly major gestures which if done diligently will enhance loyalty and motivation in an employee.

What are the Perks that can be offered to make life better for the relocated employee and his family?

Once the packers and movers finish unloading the stuff there are loads of thing to do from setting up the house to knowing the new neighborhood, it is quite a long process. Family of the relocated employee at such times often feel ignored because though the employee is having new experiences and making new acquaintances at his new workplace, the family is still struggling to know the neighborhood and trying to socialize. Let us delve into some of the suggestions put together by us which if undertaken by the companies can really make the journey post relocation memorable, in a good way.

• Arrange a career counselling session for the supporting spouse, though this may seem like an unimportant point, but these days where both husband and wife are working and when one gets relocated, the working spouse most of the times leave the old job and follow their better half. This adjustment gradually over a period pf time starts taking a toll on the supporting spouse because, they start feeling unfocused in life because they often do not know how and where to restart the career. At such times a career counselling session and also certain tips with looking for a job is welcomed like a breath of fresh air not only by the spouse but also by the employee because one of the most common reasons for an unsuccessful relocation is familial dissatisfaction.

• At such a time if the company arranges a dinner or an off site where all the families (New and Old) are invited, then the relocated employee’s families get to meet and also make new acquaintances.

• The companies can prepare a relocation kit, which can include a pocket guide with all the emergency numbers for e.g: hospitals, gas stations etc.

• For companies who do not provide accommodation, they can arrange a meeting of the relocated employee and the spouse with professional estate agents and also give them a leave for a certain number of days for house hunting

All the multinational corporations with the amount of resources available to them can surely ensure the application of these things without incurring too much cost. More than perks these are just soft gestures which really aid in enhancing the experience of not only the relocated employee but also their families.