Used Cubicle Workstations – A Cash Commodity

Used Cubicle Workstations – A Cash Commodity

In this time of economic displacement, liquidation of assets is a process that many defunct businesses will partake in. Many businesses are now finding it more cost-effective to offer work at home positions with virtual call centers so the used cubical becomes an asset to resell along with ending leases on large office spaces.

Call centers that grew to a level that now must be downsized because of the lack of revenues from slow or no growth must be dismantled. The most common furniture type along with telephonic equipment is the cubicle. As the number of cubicles once filling large call center floors in large office space is diminished by lay offs or restructuring, the used cubicle becomes a commodity that can easily be recycled.

There are a number of office furniture liquidation companies doing a great volume of liquidation, refurbishing, resale and leasing of used cubicles. Services include complete assessment of surplus office cubicles to complete turn-key liquidation for a cash total. Once the used cubicles and office furniture are purchased from small and large companies in the process of down sizing, settling bankruptcies or selling office space, the next step is to refurbish or resell these used office items with a fabulous array of options for a new look.

The used cubicle will look new once it has been given a face lift with various options available such as the CF Stinson line. Styles and themes available are stunning and will make the work day a breeze in such an ambiance. Some of the themes available are:

• The Adirondack Collection; imagine patterns with fall like colors in tiny fern like patterns that suggest a setting by a still mountain lake reflecting the puffy clouds in a blue sky with a surrounding of tall Adirondack pines.

• The Jazz Collection; by designer Jean Wicks with materials such as Agion that is Antimicrobial, and can be cleaned by bleach solutions, Green Shield soil and stain protective finish also made with 100% Eco friendly recycled polyester. Patterns include Daddy-O-with Agion which has a moss-green and ivory color patterns. There is another style called Verve with earth tones and leaf patterns. Choose from 7 jazzy patterns.

• The Now and Zen collection; themes include Tatami, True Path, Zen Garden, Chi, Good Fortune, Haiku and Now & Zen. Each of these themes suggests oriental decor and patterns in the material. The materials are also Agion, Antimicrobial, Eco Friendly recycled polyester that are mold and fungus resistant.

There has never been a better time to recycle the cubicle making the used cubicle appear to be completely sheik and new. Ordering online is very pleasant as there are designs of each pattern and style with work areas to create a project order. Each basic pattern can be chosen in various colors, patterns or textures.

Professional installation is one of the best features about ordering used cubicles. Expert consultants will meet to inspect the location where the furniture will be installed. Suggestions will be made for a reconfiguration of the floor plan. Trained experts are tasked with installation of the modular furniture from disassembly to assembly if the office is temporary such as in election campaigns, fundraising installations, disaster service centers, hot and cold sites for disaster plans or project management facilities for construction or software design think tanks in contract construction and implementation projects. Relocation and re-installation of existing office modular furniture is completely and professionally executed with custom-cut work surfaces and cabinetry installation also available.

If office headquarters must be mobile, the options for furnishing these mobile units with cubicles and work spaces can certainly be accomplished in the most appealing and professional manner to the highest standards with a flair for the decor and ambiance not to be overlooked. Services include complete relocation services for the used cubicles should the office simply be moving to another state and also in need of a new look. Used office furniture services often provide complete planning services on both ends of the move and a free no obligation quotation of the cost of the entire turn-key move. Cashing out the current office and replacing with used cubicles at the new location is not a problem.