Things to Do in Patnitop to Make Your Vacation Memorable

Highly popular for its numerous adventure sports opportunities, Patnitop is a hot tourism destination in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. You can travel here throughout the year to create memories. This lovely hill point in Kashmir Valley is 112 km away from Jammu. Situated at an altitude of 2024 m, it hovers above an amazing plateau, surrounded by the dense forests.

Things to do in Patnitop includes skiing and paragliding during winters. Your children would simply enjoy the picnic spot in Kud Park where they can run and play in open spaces beautifully decorated with exotic and fragrant flowers. People with a religious bent of mind can visit the Naag Mandir and Mahadev Temple. Local shops here are great places to purchase souvenirs for friends and family.

Take nature’s walk

Nature is benevolent on Patnitop. This hilltop is blessed with abundant natural beauty. Here you can explore the verdant landscape and breathe fresh air as you stroll in the peaceful surroundings. Enjoy the mesmerizing valleys, sky-reaching mountains and dense blanket of pine trees. You simply forget everything and allow Mother Nature to surround and rejuvenate you to the core.

Consider paragliding

In your Patnitop tour package try the highly popular sport of paragliding. The associated camp/school for this adventure spot is located 19 km from Patnitop in Sanasar. The experience of wind in your hair with spectacular views of the hills as you glide in the sky is mesmerizing. Nature lovers find the view of snow-covered mountains and coniferous trees truly extraordinary.

Enjoy Skiing

Skiing on the snow-clad mountain slopes is a favorite pastime among tourists in winters. The slopes are gentle and hence you can easily ski here, even if this is your first time. To get your first adrenalin rush start skiing at Madha Top located 5-6km from the Sanasar Road. Skiing in Patnitop is a highly thrilling experience that you will remember forever.

Fantastic trekking opportunities

Any adventure enthusiast is going to love the trekking opportunities that Patnitop offers. Both nature lovers and devotees would find the Shiv Ghar trek perfect in this regard. It is a 11 km trek, a highly challenging one as well, and you can complete this within a day. Begin your trek from Patnitop, covering beautiful valleys and terrains. The tourism department provides the equipment that you might need for this trek. Take your camera along to capture the breathtaking sunset and the bounties of nature lying everywhere.

Some of the other things to do in Patnitop involves shopping for local products to take back home.