Should You Consider Home Security Cameras For Your House?

Everybody knows home security is important, but a lot of us put off dealing with it until it’s too late, until we’ve suffered a break-in. The best way to protect your home and your family, however, is to think home security long before we have a problem. You need strong doors with updated locks (always change the locks after you move in, as you don’t know how many copies of the old keys are out there), sturdy lockable windows, and you may want to consider an alarm and even exterior security cameras–especially if you are away from home a lot.

That’s right, security cameras are not just for shopping centers and multi-million dollar mansions. Prices have come down a lot, and just about anyone can afford a surveillance system. It’s a smart move too.

Security cameras visibly installed on a home’s exterior provide deterrence to would-be criminals, and don’t require large expenses. This is an excellent fact for homeowners who are seeing increased numbers of robberies in their neighborhood.

Home surveillance systems used to cost thousands of dollars, but fortunately that is no longer the case. Introductory security systems with a single, basic camera can be bought cheaply at most major retail store with an electronics department. Even systems with two waterproof night-vision cameras/speakers and a small monitor to connect them to cost approximately $100.

There are other reasons to consider security cameras. Lowered rates on homeowner’s insurance are always a possibility (make sure to ask your agency), and that alone could cover the cost of the cameras over time. Personal systems also don’t bring the attached monitoring costs that advertised services do.

Attaching a VCR to one of these systems can bring increased peace of mind because, if a crime occurs, you may have the criminal on tape, ready to turn over to police. Separate security VCRs exist with tapes that need to be changed once every 24 hours. You can also get cameras that download the footage to your computer.

Choosing a camera system takes planning, so be prepared before you shop. Power outlets must be available, unless you want a battery-powered system and are willing to handle the additional expense of the batteries. Then there is the time necessary to change them. The work required to install an additional outlet would likely be worth the time, assuming your home doesn’t have any outlets near entrances already.

Before choosing to install a system, you must also decide how many entrances you want to cover, and purchase enough cameras for them. Large bay windows may also merit their own camera in addition to the obvious doors.

Technophile owners may also choose a more advanced system, such as those produced by X10. Automated systems can integrate with other home security systems and add other features. Many of these packages can call pre-set numbers and deliver a message to them when a break-in is detected. With such an advanced system you may be able to provide equivalent functionality to ADT and other providers without a recurring cost because the system can call you, a neighbor, and 911 automatically. That’s a tremendous benefit if you’re monitoring a vacation home or you travel a lot and worry about something happening to your main residence while you’re gone.

Everyone should have a home security plan, and as you can see, there are many reasons to consider security cameras as part of that plan.