Shipping to Aruba? Things to Know Before Sea Shipping to Aruba

Situated in the Caribbean Sea, less than 30 kilometers from Venezuela, Aruba is an island that is part of the Netherlands. Aruba is approximately 33 kilometers.

The country’s capital city is Oranjestad, also home to one of the main ports in Aruba, the Port of Oranjestad. The Port of Oranjestad is equipped for handling cargo containers and reports a loading rate of between 20 and 30 moves each hour.

The Oranjestad Cargo Terminal is 1.4 million square feet in size. Other shipping ports in Aruba include the Port of San Nicolas and the Port of Barcadera.

If you are interested in moving to Aruba and living and working in the country, you will need to obtain a valid residence permit from the Directorate of Alien Integration, Policy and Admission (DIMAS). In order to enter Aruba, you will also need to have a passport.

If you are shipping to Aruba, or returning to the country after having been away for a while, you may qualify to ship household goods and personal items duty free.

In order to qualify for an exemption to duty fees when shipping to Aruba, your personal items and household goods must be used and you must have owned your items for at least six months prior to shipping to Aruba. In addition, you will need to personally go to the Customs Office in Aruba for the customs clearance process.

If you want to ship a car to Aruba, you may also qualify for duty free shipping. When car shipping to Aruba, the same procedures apply as those required for shipping household goods and personal items to Aruba.

Before shipping cargo to Aruba, you will need to get some important paperwork together. Documents required for shipping to Aruba include the following:

  • Passport
  • Work or residence permit for Aruba
  • Specific documentation depending on your shipment, for example, if you are shipping a car or motorcycle to Aruba, you will need insurance papers and a vehicle title certificate

Shipping to Aruba – Items that are Prohibited from Shipment

When shipping to Aruba, there are a few items that are prohibited from shipment. This includes drugs and narcotics. In addition, if you are interested in shipping any type of weapon to Aruba, you will need to obtain special permission and a license in advance.

Bringing a Pet to Aruba

If you are interested in bringing your pet like your cat or dog with you to Aruba, it is important that your animal has been living in a region that has a low incidence of rabies for at least half a year before traveling to Aruba.

You will also be required to have a qualified veterinarian complete a special Health Certificate for your pet within 2 weeks before you travel to Aruba. If you are going to Aruba from the United States, endorsement from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is necessary. Aruba also requires the ISO pet microchip for your animal.

The right sea shipping company can help you navigate country-specific customs rules and regulations. Choosing an experienced and professional sea shipping company will make your experience shipping to Aruba or some other international destination much easier.