Security When Working From Home

With millions of people working from home, I thought that we should discuss security when working from home. For this article I am going to discuss Network security and personal security.

Network and Computer Security:

If you are working from home network and computer is now more important then ever. If you have a breech you can expose your companies’ network. Your employer will make sure that when you connect into their network it will be through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This will create a secure private connection directly to your company’s servers. Once there you will have to use a variety of authentication measures to make sure that it is you. You also may only be able to “log in” during certain time periods.

Now would be a good time to make sure that your router is updated and that you have changed the password. You should have a good Internet Security Program installed on your computer and make sure that it updated on a regular basis.

Email is the way that most systems get compromised. So, make sure that your Internet Security also checks your incoming email for viruses. Your on-line social activities is another way to introduce viruses.

Ultimately it is you that can protect you. Do not click on any links that you cannot identify as safe. Popular right now are scam links from shipping companies or online retailers. Many people may be waiting for something that they ordered from an online retailer. So, you are more likely to click on a link that looks like it might be the stuff you ordered. Take your time and look at that email, if you are not sure it is safe go directly to their web site.

Personal Security:

When working from home keep your doors locked. If your doorbell rings do not rush to open it thinking it’s the package you have been waiting for. Look through the window or door peep hole first. A doorbell camera might be a good idea during these times. If you order take-out, most delivery companies have apps that allow you to track who is coming to deliver your order.

Remember to take breaks, walk around, and do a few stretches. Speak with someone you work with. Talk on the phone not text, there is nothing better than the human voice to pick up your day and make you more alert.