Questions You Must Ask When Choosing Decking Material

Choosing the right decking material does not only leave your deck very functional but also works in improving the general appearance of your home. Wood seems to be the most popular material for this area, but it also comes in different varieties and characteristics, meaning you will need to do your homework thoroughly to select the option that is bound to serve your needs and preferences. You can choose reclaimed wood, Ipe wood, recycled composite, tropical hardwoods among others, but essentially you need to ask yourself a number of questions when making your selection to find the best for your deck.

How durable is the material?

It is probably the most important question to ask yourself when weighing your options. A deck that lasts for a long time is best and when you choose the wood you must remember different types are better for outdoor application because of their longevity. Whereas some materials can last longer even without treatment, others may require regular sealing and washing to add to their durability. Compare a few of the best and make your choice.

Is the material resistant to stain, fade, scratch and slip?

This is a very important question that will save you from accidents and lots of work especially when cleaning. Decking material that is scratch and fade resistant will maintain its beauty over the years and when it is slip resistant you do not have to worry about falls in different conditions. Some materials may need to be treated or laminated to achieve these characteristics, but at the end of the day it is all worth it.

How resistant is it to natural elements?

Decay, mildew, splinters, bugs, rot and checking are some of the elements affecting decks. For this reason, you want to choose a material that is at least resistant to the elements you are mostly exposed to. There are wood types that are resistant to the natural elements, but you can also consider other types of materials if you are not too sure available wood will suffice in your location. You may need to invest a little more in your deck to keep it from destruction by the elements as well.

How demanding is maintenance?

Some materials are more demanding compared to others as far as maintenance goes. Whereas some may only need to be stained once in a while, there are materials that need oiling and sanding to keep them looking great. Find out how much effort will be required on your part and how comfortable you are with that when choosing decking material. The less maintenance it demands the better it should be for you.

What are the pros and cons?

This is probably the best way to narrow down your search when comparing some of the best decking materials. Usually every material will have cons, but when the pros outdo the cons then you know you have a good material that will serve your deck effectively. In the end, however, your personal deck preferences might determine the choice you make.