Pub CCTV Linked to POS Can Help Deter Crime

CCTV linked to POS lets pubs or bars identify anomalies across all parts of their business. All till transaction data is stored on the POS system for powerful searching and reporting. Owners can quickly find no-sale voids, refunds, under-rings and other variances. Staff interaction with customers, productivity and general performance can also be seen.

A revolving customer and employee base, plus potential for theft and violence are common. A smartly installed CCTV surveillance system can help prevent theft and improve safety and reputation.

Camera’s can be placed by the till, entrances, exits, stairwells, dance areas, bars etc. Required to comply with liquor licenses, cctv cameras can cover wide areas giving owners a bird’s eye view of their business. Full internet access means footage can be seen from the office, at home or even on holiday.

Such comprehensive surveillance systems can help reduce insurance costs and fraudulent liability claims Time and date stamped images are also suitable for any insurance claims.

Large LCD screens allow for continuous and simultaneous monitoring of multiple camera video feeds. Point of sale integration systems can allow transaction data overlays for multiple POS terminals. Professional LCD monitors also suit longer “round the clock” operations, have better picture clarity, low noise fan-less designs and suit wall mounting.

Camera systems usually have set and forget motion detection as standard. Cameras with integrated sensors are a newer technology and can analyze suspicious behavior such as shouting, physical gestures and other threatening behavior. Video feeds can be ranked according to how suspicious they are with the most critical videos flagged for further action.

When setting up CCTV venues should consider their most important security risks. Are they employee theft, non bill payment, neighborhood issues or violence during sports games or weekend nights? Security cameras can help prevent fights and in the event of violence, help identify responsible parties.

Ability to check footage anytime, anywhere over the internet is perfect for groups where managers need to check multiple locations at once.

Cameras should be placed out of harm’s reach. Cameras are best placed near entrances and exits in order to get an image of each visitor as they come and go. Fixed cameras near office safes and tills can help prevent theft. Cameras in open areas like dining rooms help protect customers and prevent theft. Kitchen camera’s help monitor workplace safety and meet health codes. Power outages can damage system or interrupt recording so other security measure should be in place if CCTV systems fail.