Poppies Seeds – Fantastic White Poppy Varieties for Accents

Using white flowers in the garden is a perfect way to add some important drama and contrast in your garden. Used with a darker tone of planting, white plants can offer important accents to draw the eye from one place to another. Meanwhile, for showcasing vibrant and vivid colored plants, a palette of pale creams and whites is ideal as the perfect backdrop to make bright hues really pop.

With poppies easily grown from poppy seeds and available in a number of fantastic annual and perennial varieties, there is the perfect white specimen whatever your setting. If you want to include the perennial Oriental poppies in your garden, Louvre and Royal Wedding are ideal white plants. While the former has a stunning pink tinge to its petals, the latter offers huge decadent white blooms with a black/purple center to grace a flower border. Meanwhile Papaver Laciniatum Swansdown White is a feathery and intriguing pom-pom like white flower perfect for adding interest to any space. Peony Poppies (Papaver Paeoniflorum) varieties like White Cloud and Cream are also great plants, and if you want to include breadseed poppies (Papaver somniferum) you could sow Album or White Persian.

Whatever their purpose in a garden, the use of white colored poppies offer a great number of gardening opportunities. If you want to relish white blooms in stunning style, the use of one or two varieties is ideal against a darker palette. However, for a fantastic backdrop of creams and whites, using an entire palette of poppies will make a stunning scene to set any vivid colored individuals off against.