Now is The Time to Renovate Your Old Concrete Swimming Pool

Now is The Time to Renovate Your Old Concrete Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool has been a great place to entertain over the past years but your backyard paradise is looking a little tired. The pool is stained, the tile and coping is old, the deck is worn out and the equipment has seen its better days.

It’s time to think about renovation but where should we start the process. Here are some ideas to think about.

– Begin to gather ideas about how you would like your backyard to look, keep in mind the pool, deck and landscaping.

– Research the prospective contractors carefully, ask for references, insurance data and licensing information. Can they apply for and obtain permits if required?

– Ask contractors for their recommendations.

– Ask contractors if they have 3D software to show what the renovated pool might look like.

Here are some other ideas to consider:

– Has the time come to change the surface or deck material? Many older pools have plain or color textured cement textures, is it possible to recover the existing deck? Do you want to enlarge to deck area? Local codes and regulations may dictate how large and where a deck surface can be installed. Check with your contractor and local building departments first.

– What type of condition is the waterline tile and border coping in? Is it time to change these items? Now is the time to think about these items. Today’s tile selections are numerous and the coping can be matched to the deck material very often.

– Will the pool / spa need to be resurfaced? Exposed aggregate materials are very popular today and provide a very durable surface for many years of use. Many colors are available, research what brand and options would be best for your application.

– What condition is your pool equipment in? What condition is your equipment in? Is it time to replace your pump and filter? Proper filtration is key to keeping your renovated pool / spa in excellent working condition. Check your control valves; older style gate valves and ball valves should be replaced with one of the many styles of 2 and 3 way valves available on the market today.

– Should you replace your standard white incandescent pool light with a new LED automatic color changing light (also available for spas)? Now is the time to consider this very popular item being installed in many new pools and spas today.

– Salt generators are certainly one of the most popular pieces of equipment available for swimming pools today. By simply adding a small amount of salt to your pool, the chlorine generator will create the sanitizer required for any swimming pool and or spa. Research the many models available today.

– Don’t forget to think about a heater for your pool. Why swim in a cold pool? Now is the time to add a gas or electric heat pump.

– How about tile mosaics for your pool? Now is the time to “jazz up” your pool using some of the many mosaics available on the market today.

– Don’t forget to check your pool and spa plumbing. Now is the time to add lines, change skimmers and add drains if necessary.

– Many water features are also available to today’s pools. Waterfalls, deck jets and rock waterfalls are a great addition to any pool or spa.

Don’t forget to have a new test kit available for use once the pool has been refilled with water. Proper water testing is essential to maintaining your renovated pool. Follow these steps, do your research and enjoy your new renovated backyard paradise.