North Cyprus Property Market – What You Should Know

Buying property in North Cyprus is a growing trend. And why not? The economy is great, the home prices are affordable, and the location is one of many people’s dreams. Where else can you live on an island paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea for around GBP 50,000? Sure, most homes won’t be this cheap, but imagine if you were going to spend GBP 200,000 on a home in London, why not spend it on an island retreat instead? Cyprus has plenty of business, a very solid economy, and the laid back feel that all islands offer.

Shopping in the North Cyprus property market can be complicated if you’re not sure of what you’re getting into. You need to research properties and real estate until you find all the information you need to know about owning a home in Cyprus. You also need to check into the different real estate companies and find one that is willing to help you every step of the way in your Cyprus home search. What good is a realtor if they’re just going to push properties down your throat and not listen to what you really want?

There are many different types of properties available in Cyprus. Whether you’re looking for a beach retreat, a cute cottage in the country, or just a typical suburban house, there’s something for everyone. Even for those city dwellers, North Cyprus offers city living with that island feel that no one can pass up. The homes all vary in price and can cost up to GBP 90 million for the most expansive, sprawling estates on the island. However, there are more modest, traditional homes on the island that can be afforded by every person, not just the super rich.

The North Cyprus property market is in perfect condition for buying right now. The economy is great, the country is stable, and the cost of living is very affordable. No matter whether you’re looking for a permanent residence, an investment, or a vacation home, moving to Cyprus is a great idea.