Moving With Kids

Moving brings up strong emotions, especially when we are children. Your entire life is about to change – you’re going to leave behind everything you know! What will happen to your friends and your school? What the new place be like? Will it be too cold, or too hot? Some kids can become very stubborn. They believe that if they simply refuse to move, they won’t have to. Deep down, of course, they are afraid, but are putting on a show of strength.

Sometimes the best way to show your kids that they don’t have to be afraid is by taking the time to have an honest conversation with them, using your own life experience as a way to soothe them. As an adult, you’ve had the experience of moving many times throughout your life. You know that it can be scary, and that it can feel like your life will never be the same, but in fact it always works out. Wherever you move, you end up meeting new people who become your friends.

If your child needs input from someone his or her own size, a few moving companies, their are moving companies that offer services illustrating books about kids dealing with the fear and excitement of moving. No matter if your child is excited, scared, anxious, or some mixture of the three, you can reassure them that they will be just fine. Thousands of kids just like them have gone through this exact experience, and lived to tell the tale. Encouraging a child to develop his or her imagination to deal with stressful situations is a great way to deal with enormously challenging events.

However, whatever you and your kids end up talking about, letting them know that you love them and will be right there with them during the move is the best way to make a child feel better about letting go of his or her familiar physical environment. As long as your kid knows that the most important part of their lives – you – is not going to abandon them, they can move without any fear at all.