Keys and Their Importance

Keys and Their Importance

Getting most of the press, quite a large number of articles and essays have been written about the lock when focusing on the world of the locksmith, but surprisingly not very many have been written in regards to keys. Yes a locksmith works with all types of locks and tools, hardware and other security devices but a very significant part of a locksmiths job pertains to keys as well.

Without the key the lock is merely a device unable to open or close for its owner. Most locks are stationary objects installed into the various kinds of doors that house them, padlocks, while having the ability to be mobile are also quite docile in nature, too.

The current and higher quality automobiles keys contain features that allow for remote access, remote ignition starting, they can tell a car if it is OK to start and if it’s not the correct key the car will not let the engine or fuel pump work.

While there are some amazing features on the higher end vehicle keys, most modern cars have the lock and unlock feature as well as an auto alarm quality that alerts others that either the car or owner is in need. While security alarm doors will react when opened, it requires the door to be manipulated. The alarm system activated from a key can work from distances or nearby. Can your lock or its hardware do that?

Master key systems are not called master key systems for no reason at all. It is the lock and its cylinder that has to be serviced and set for one key only to act as its master key and not the other way around. It is not a master lock system as mentioned it is the key that is important here.

There are many moments when someone will ask themselves if they locked their doors at home or their vehicles doors and common sense dictates that even if the door is unlocked it is closed. Closed doors on any home, building or car usually deters those seeking to illegally gain entrance as most assume that they are locked, however when having a moment of uncertainty and fumbling through pockets and handbags searching for keys this brings on the more nerve wracking of scenarios in that lost keys, especially those without copies, completely deny one the ability to not only get in one place, but multiple places.

The tampered with or broken into lock are serious but loss of keys are a more prevalent occurrence and brings on a feeling of dread. When a key breaks or any loss occurs the best person to call is a locksmith as they have the appropriate tools and know how to get you back in the running with duplicates.

A thief does not break into a key, a thief breaks into a lock. Someone attempting to gain access doesn’t pick or break a key as they do a door or lock. When putting all of this into consideration, perhaps the key deserves a little more credit and thought than it is currently being given.