Ideal Ways to Improve Your Marital Intimacy

Intimacy is crucial in any love relationship, more so in marriage. This is what most couples crave for yet what most also fail to achieve because of various reasons. Many married couples find themselves too preoccupied with their responsibilities at home and at work that they often complain about not having enough time for each other as well not being able to share more intimate moments that they want.

When intimacy is not achieved in a marital relationship, chances are this can lead to feelings of resentment, conflicts on parenting, communication issues, arguments over money and even feelings of dissatisfaction when it comes to sex life. The main reason for this is couples fail to make a connection as they should. But of course, there’s still hope. It’s just a matter of taking the extra effort to nurture the bond and maintain the connection moving forward.

Prioritize your marriage. It doesn’t mean that if your job is important to you or your children come first in your life, you should already ignore your relationship with your spouse. This is a no-no. Rather, put value on your marital bond and not just make it your last priority. Know how to set aside time for your work, for your parenting responsibilities, household chores and also for your partner. You will find out later that you feel a lot better if you’re able to do all these with little effort so do practice prioritizing your marriage, too. It’s for the good of everybody.

Be a role model to your children. You may not be aware of it but when children see their parents in an intimate relationship with each other, they will feel happy and contented. In short, the positive effect radiates in them. Experts agree that a healthy marriage is one valuable gift parents can give their children. This then leads to a more functional and healthier family because of the lesser amount of stress experienced by family members. Oftentimes, children who come from a healthy family would also want to experience the same when they become adults.

Take time to talk. Setting aside at least 15 to 20 minutes each to discuss important issues without distraction is vital. Keep your communication lines open and talk in a calm manner. Give each other time to talk and be a good listener as well when it’s your partner’s turn to say his or her piece. Take this chance to talk about work, family and other interests.

Bonding time. As couples, find a way to spend a few hours each weekend to do things together. You can spend it with your children or you can spend it alone which is better for both of you. It’s a nice feeling to be alone with your partner, to hold hands while enjoying a stroll in the park or at the beach or just walking close to each other. It helps revitalize your relationship and leads to a higher level of intimacy. Set date times as well depending on what you like, either weekly, twice a month or once a month.