How to Go From Bum to Billionaire in 90 Days or Less

Here’s the article that shows you how to go from being totally flat broke and homeless to becoming a billionaire in 90 days or less.

Step 1) You’re homeless so you find a place to live. Under a bridge or in a homeless shelter or you find yourself a friend and ask if you can crash on their couch. (time: 2 days)

Step 2) You try and get in on any slight advantage you can. That means anything from a) asking friends family for a loan. b) getting on social assistance c) finding where you can get a free meal d) working some temp jobs e) perhaps buying and selling something for quick cash ie: you scalp tickets at a game or something f) getting your resume done up and placed online and in print. (time: 2 days)

Step 3) By this point lets say you’re at least barely stable. You’re still jobless though. So you start applying for work. You turn it into a challenge to see how many places you can apply at and or interview at perday. Like the guiness book of world records winner for applying at 500 places per day and interviewing at 10 of those places daily. Like you turn it into a marathon. You literally apply for “any job” within your city. Anything from the CEO to McDonalds. And you set a goal to have a job in 1 week or less. 2 at the max. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 4) By this point not a month has gone by and you have a place to stay and you have a job. You get your first paycheck. By that time your time on your friends couch or homeless shelter is up. So you say goodbye and you find someone who’s renting a room in there home for dirt cheap. You rent that and move in. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 5) With your next paycheck you buy a used computer and you begin using that after work. You work 8 hours, sleep 8 hours, that gives you 8 hours to surf the web. So you use that time to start to learn real estate investing. You just study everything and anything you can find on real estate investing over the net. Your goal is to become “an expert” at real estate investing. You join all the real estate clubs in the area. You find a real estate mentor. You buy a good real estate home study course. You use your commute time to listen to audio about real estate investing etc etc. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 6) You start to network with other real estate investors. And make an extra effort to get to know the bigger players at the real estate investment club. You make up some business cards. Exchange with them and get to know them. You try and get one of the bigger players to be your mentor. That is done simply by making friends with them. So you start making connections.
And you start looking at possible investment properties on the MLS listing sites online. (time: 1 week)

Step 7) You keep saving money from your day job, keep networking, keep learning real estate investing, and keep working your tale off. Now you’ve saved enough to launch your real estate business. You print out some business cards. Buy a cheap $500 car as that will be important. A cheap suit. A cheap breifcase. And you place an ad in the local paper and online classifieds saying something like: “Earn 10-15% annual return on investment. Your name on real estate title gives 100% guarantee of safe return. Call 555-555-5555”. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 8) You’ll start getting calls from interested investors. You want to find someone who’s got money and good credit. which you have neither of yet. When they call they ask “what is this about?”. You say: “I’m a real estate investor. I buy houses that would make for excellent house flips and or rentals. I have several great investments right now. Can you sit down with me for coffee and I’ll show you a few of them, hows Tuesday at 3pm sound?”. You meet with them. You park your cheap $500 dollar rusty old car down the block so the client won’t see it. (ha ha) You meet the angel investor (client) and show them some of the listings you printed off the MLS which you’ve already scoped out as good investments. You pitch the client on putting up the money, and the credit to get the mortgage. That’s there part of the investment. Your part will be to orchastrate the house flip. So you say to the client: “See I’m an expert at this stuff. You put up the money and you secure the mortgage on the property, I’ll then do the rest in terms of cosmetics and doing the house flip. Then once we sell the property we’ll split the profits 50/50. You show them how their ROI will be far more than the 15% you originally promised. How they’ll be on title as owner so they’ll be 100% secured.” You also network with people at the real estate club offering this deal. You might have to talk to 100 people to find 1 that will bite. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 9) You’ve found your angel investor. You get them to agree upon working with you in writing. You get verification of there ability to fund the deal and have the credit to get the mortgage. You then find a house that would make for an excellent house flip. You get them to provide the downpayment funds. You tie up the property. You get the investor to go and see your mortgage broker to get a mortgage on the property. You get your lawyer to draft paper work that also secures your end of the project in writing so that when the property sells that you’ll get half the funds. So that both you and the investor both know in writing what you’re commitments are. (time: 2 weeks)

Step 10) You buy the house. One that doesn’t need tons of renos. So you mow the lawn, paint the front, thoroughly clean it up. Stage it. Relist it. And flip it for a very healthy profit. After all expenses your flip went reasonably well and you made a net profit of $40,000. You’re angel investor get’s $20k and you get $20k. Now that you’re angel investor is happy and has some trust with you you start working with them regularly. You just rinse and repeat. You get them to do another and another with you. Lets say on average you’re able to pocket $20k per project. You do 5 flips and now you have $100k saved up. At this point you can likely begin to do flips on your own.

Step 11) You use that $100k to do your first flip. You find some incredible deal you buy it and or you work with your mortgage broker to buy it getting a stated income mortgage. You flip it and this time you pocket the full $40k. You just keep doing that now. You flip another 10 properties. $40k x 10 = $400k. At this point you turn your operation into a big bigger scale. You hire a few novice real estate investors to work with you. You train each of them to go out and find deals. You fund them. They do the work of flipping them. And you pay them a wage plus a small commission on the successful flip. Now with a team you’re able to do at least a flip every week. So before long you’re seeing monthly profits of over 100,000 coming in.

Okay now here’s where it gets interesting… But you have to visit my website to learn how the story ends. See you over there.