Household Tips – Organizing Your Clothes Closet For Maximum Efficiency

Household Tips – Organizing Your Clothes Closet For Maximum Efficiency

Plan your wardrobe

Reorganize your closet several times a year, making sure seasonal items are most accessible. Keep within reach garments that you may require for a business trip, dressy evening, funeral, holiday in the sun in winter, skiing holiday in summer, etc. After leafing through fashion magazines, try on your entire wardrobe at the start of every season; decide what fits, what is in fashion, what goes with what and what purchases you need to make to update your look.

Discard whatever doesn’t look fabulous (keep what you may wear in future and swap/give away what you will not).

Keep things handy

Place the clothes you are most likely to wear (i.e., your weekday clothes) at the center of closet. Place your weekend wear and nightwear on either side , and place the clothes you are least likely to wear (i.e., evening clothes, off-season apparel and accessories) in the least accessible location.

Maximize space

Divide your closet in three sections according to garment length: 1) pants hanging from the waist or hem, men’s suits, dressing gowns and evening dresses; 2) women’s suits and dresses; 3) jackets, vests, blouses/shirts, folded pants, skirts.

Superimpose two hanging rods in at least one of those sections. Place your shoes in shelving units on the floor (as many shelves as your need/have room for). Place your sweaters, T-shirts, folded shirts, handbags, hats in shelving units installed above the hanging rods (if necessary, keep a stool handy).

Save time

Group garments by color to find things more quickly without confusing navy blue and black. If looking right is of primary importance, group your garments in ready-to-wear ‘ensembles’.

Use the right hangers

Hang your coats and suits on wood hangers of the appropriate size, hang pants and skirts with the matching jackets. Use padded hangers for delicate fabrics, knitwear, evening wear and nightwear. To save space, place garments you wear less often on multi pant and shirt hangers.

Be ready at all times

Make sure your clothes are always clean and pressed/ironed and be sure to make repairs, sew on buttons, polish shoes/bags as soon as you notice something needs doing.