Home Natural Remedies and Methods to Prevent and to Fight Cold and Flu

The cold and flu season does not end with winter and low temperature. One can catch cold or flu at any time during the year.

Here are few advices and great natural remedies you can use to prevent the cold or flu, or to fight them successfully in case you already have caught them:

-Ginger is one of the most effective remedies to prevent or to fight cold and flu. Make an infusion. Place one teaspoon of ginger into one glass of boiled water for 20-30 minutes, add honey, if you would like and drink it 3-5 times a day. You can also add a green tea to double the effect.

-If you suffer from cough, make the same infusion, mentioned above, but also add cinnamon, fresh squeezed lemon juice and clove. You can also add fresh peppermint if you want. Drink this during the day.

-Garlic and onion are well known as “cold and flu enemies” but you have to know how to prepare them properly. They have to be chopped in small peaces and have to be kept openly for 10-15 minutes – after this period they would have maximum power. Then you may add them into your food, or put them in the plate and leave it in your room for a day or night. They will kill all bacteria around, protecting the atmosphere in your room and even help you to fight the cold or flu if you already caught one.

-If you do not want to eat, do not force yourself, your body needs some rest, even from food just keep drinking pure water or tea with fresh lemon juice. However if you get hungry, try something light, for example, oat meal or buckwheat would be a good choice to start with, then consider a CHICKEN SOUP as your next meal. This soup is known as a very powerful substance that fights bacteria and gives energy to those who feel weak after the cold is almost over, it helps to recover. Of course I mean NATURAL HOME MADE CHICKEN SOUP, not from the concentrate.

-If your have a running nose, do not use something to dry it that means that your organism, your body tries to eliminate toxins and it does it throughout your nose. In order to expedite this process and to reduce the running from your nose wash your nose and gargle your throat with SALT WARM WATER. Add ¾ of a tea spoon of a SEA SALT to 0.5 l of warm water and use this infusion. You can also add 3 drops of 5% IODINE. Do it every 2 hours and you will be amazed by results for next day.

Note: Do not do this procedure before going outside, do it while staying home, last time it should be done before going to bed.

-The one and very effective method to help you to get well soon is: The use of a DRY MUSTARD POWDER. This method has been used for centuries. With the first signs of cold or flu, take a dry mustard powder, put it into socks, put them on and go to sleep with socks on. In 2 (two) hours take the socks off. If you are lucky, you may get up next morning absolutely healthy, without any signs of cold, if you have already caught it, the cold may go away much faster and easier, just keep applying that powder every night for at least three nights. If you can not find mustard powder, just take a plain rubbing alcohol and rub your feet vigorously until you feel hotness down there, then put on your socks immediately and do to bed.

Note: Should you have any questions or any certain physical conditions, consult your doctor before doing any of these procedures.