Garden Waste Recycling – What to Do With Your Green Waste Surplus?

Every home gardener or commercial gardener knows how hard it sometimes can be to compost all garden waste materials that have accumulated over a season or even years.

Especially in New Zealand it is hard to keep up with home composting in urban areas like Auckland as plants grow 365 days a year and the garden waste just will take up useful space on your property.

So, what can we do if we have an excess in garden waste without necessarily dumping it into our landfills and cause environmentally harm?

Actually mentioning the latter, a lot of organic waste gets thrown away in precious landfill sites. This can lead to running out of landfill space in the future.

Another worry is the fact that green waste does not compost naturally in landfill sites, for the reason not being piled up in a proper compost heap, instead the green waste materials are often trapped in plastic bags. That leads to a release of e.g. methane gas and other noxious gases which can have a negative effect on our environment in too high concentrations.

To prevent the issue of organic waste getting “wasted” on our landfill sites, it is wiser to recycle garden rubbish professionally on bigger composting sites that have the equipment to deal with huge amounts of green waste. On these special sites garden debris gets processed naturally and it turns into nutrient rich compost. Nothing will be wasted on landfill sites; everything is recycled and can be reused as a great garden product.

If you have a surplus of organic debris in your home garden or you are dealing with garden waste commercially you can always get a local garden waste collection company to pick up your green waste.

They will provide you with a green wheelie bin (often of 240 l volume) or a garden bag (in different sizes) or even skip bins (often measured in m3 capacities as a one off garden waste removal) to fill up for collection.

The green waste collection service will then bring the load to an approved composting site in your area, where everything gets processed in an environmentally friendly way.

Another good thing about green waste recycling is that it does not cost the earth, literally.

You can always search on the internet for green waste collection companies in your area by using the following keyword examples: garden bins [your town/city], garden bags [your town/city], green waste collection service, garden waste removal.