Garden Stakes – Every Good Garden Needs Them

Most people will tend to buy garden stakes to provide support to various plants that they are growing. However what many people do not realize is that they are suitable for many other purposes. There are some that will help to provide a little more decoration to your garden and then there are those that can provide you with an additional source of light in the garden.

Therefore which kinds of stakes you do buy for use in your garden is going to depend on how you intend to use them. In this article we take a look at the various types of garden stakes now available for you to buy.

Type 1 – Wooden

These are the least expensive of all stakes you can buy for use in your garden. But although the cheapest you need to make sure that they have been made from a good quality hardwood such as cedar. If you don’t then they won’t be able to cope so easily with changes in the weather and will need replacing in quite a short space of time. Also avoid buying ones that have been treated as the chemicals used may prove harmful to the plants that are providing support to.

Type 2 – Recycled Plastic

As well as being environmentally friendly they are also last a long time making them very cost effective. Unlike wooden ones you will find that these types of garden stakes won’t weather or splinter. Plus they aren’t going to harm your plants as they are not painted but rather they have been infused with a color that won’t leech into the soil.

Type 3 – Solar

These are the most expensive kinds of stakes you can purchase for your garden and aren’t really designed solely to offer support to plants. What they have in fact been designed to do is provide additional light into your garden without the actually need to lay any wiring. Instead each one of these stakes comes with a small solar panel on the top that collects energy from the sun and stores in a battery within the stake. Then of course once the sun begins to set so they will come on.

These types of stakes for the garden are ideal for helping to create an area in the garden that you can use for entertaining. Plus you may want to use these as a way to illuminate a particular path or area within the garden that you want your guests to admire.

It is important however when it comes to purchasing garden stakes that you make sure that you choose ones that are going to complement the rest of the design of your garden. If you don’t’ then you may find yourself having to replace them all.