Factual Elements of International Shipping to Ghana and Nigeria

Factual Elements of International Shipping to Ghana and Nigeria

International shipping over the period of time has become a professional and organized activity. It is owing to better organization that individuals and import/export companies today rely heavily on international shipping when there is need for the transportation of goods or commercial cargo to another country. It is quite significant to note here that term international shipping is a wider term, which includes customs, container shipping, cargo and freight shipping, air freight movement, and much more.

Making the right choice of international cargo and freight moving company is always top priority when you are moving goods or commercial cargo from one country to another through the ship liners. In case you are shipping to Nigeria from USA or from Shipping to Ghana from USA, the detail of customs policies and other relevant facts concerning international shipping should be in your knowledge. Most of the times, international shipping company having expertise in shipping to Nigeria and Ghana will do all your documentation part, but, still having knowledge about the international shipping and customs policy basics will pay you a great deal at the end.

Shipping to Nigeria from USA

Shipping to Nigeria from USA will follow stringent customs regulations. As a matter of fact you will require original passport, visa, work permit, and certificate of residence change. Likewise, you also need to have residence permit and personal bank account which is necessary to fill the Form “M”. Other equally important requirements would include customs and excise unaccompanied Baggage Declaration, form sale 48 and the PUBD form must be completed and handed over to customs authorities after you have arrived in Nigeria. It is very necessary and a prerequisite that all information about the household inventory should be provided in detail and contain list of all the items which are included. Do not try to conceal any items or else, they will be confiscated by the Nigeria Customs or you may even be asked to pay high customs fee. Besides, goods such are Air pistols, Airmail photographic printing paper, and Base, or counterfeit currency, cowries, Blank Invoices etc. are not allowed and categorized under the list of prohibited items. Therefore, make sure that you do not carry them in the goods. While Shipping to Nigeria from USA, it is also very important that you clearly list the all goods like alcohol and tobacco products, perfumes, jewelry items, audio tapes, gramophone records, video discs, publications etc.

Shipping to Ghana from USA

When shipping to Ghana from USA, you need to go through separate set of customs policies and this is quite obvious as well. Like Nigeria, the customs policies practiced in Ghana are also very rigid and you have to make sure that no prohibited goods are included in your inventory, make sure that the details of all goods are listed in the inventory which will help the Ghana customs officials to carry on the customs procedures quickly. Remember, all shipments on reaching Ghana will be 100% inspected. Be honest in listing the goods in your inventory.