Escape City Life – Relocate to Vanuatu

A lot of people are looking to relocate and escape to a better lifestyle. Living and working in a city can be so stressful – bigger just means busier and busier means more overwhelming. Nobody wants to put up with stress and many would jump at the opportunity to get out and enjoy better living somewhere new.

People are starting to become increasing inspired to take life and work into their own hands. Being your own boss has become the popular thing to do in recent years and comes bundled with plenty of benefits. Choosing your own hours and having a pay scale only limited by your input and success is extremely attractive. In the South Pacific, a group of islands offers the method and the means to escaping city life and making your own way in world.

The island nation of Vanuatu is ripe with opportunities for anybody with vision and goals. If you’re interested in starting your own business or investing in property and you want to escape to somewhere new, somewhere sunny and somewhere tropical away from the traffic and noise, Santo Vanuatu has everything you’ve been looking for.

In the past two decades the population has risen by 100,000 people and seen a huge boom in the number of yearly visitors. Its golden beaches, including: Champagne Beach (Espiritu Santo), Erakor Beach (Erakor Island), Bokissa Beach (Bokissa Island), Breakas Beach (Efate Island), and the surrounding blue oceans are the main reason that 83% of people travel to the islands on holiday; numbers which have inspired a quickly growing tourism industry. As international land developers and investors start to take note of Vanuatu’s potential, property prices are beginning to trend upward and more opportunities are starting to arise.

With the currently low cost of purchasing land in Vanuatu and the projected future returns, there has never been a better time to invest and relocate. Take advantage of the booming tourism industry too; look for a Vanuatu business for sale or develop your own resort. Seaside property can be purchased as low as 200,000 USD and you can own an island for as little as 1.25 million. Opportunities are plentiful for you to own and run a business, subdivide and sell land or build apartments and holiday homes. In the nation’s current state, the only real limits are your imagination.

Why wait till you retire to start enjoying life? There has never been a better time to escape; ditch the job, become your own boss and live the life in Vanuatu.