Cyprus Villas – Getting The Best Out Of Property Investment

Cyprus is extremely generous when it comes to offering either a romantic memory, a historical adventure or just a sun filled stay. It has that affect on people that once you have been, you just have the urge to go back year after year. It forms part of peoples life to such a degree that they can’t resist the temptation of buying their own villa in the sun. If you are still thinking about it, well Cyprus is still a booming property investment island as growth is abundant and the bubble doesn’t look like bursting yet like it has in Spain or the UK.

I was a lucky man during the boom years in the UK as I was able to purchase several properties and I really made a killing. I have always rented them out successfully and that is why I thing Cyprus is currently offering better conditions to do the same. If we compare Cyprus to the UK, well the weather is better for a start and the cost of living is a lot lower. The cost of property is much more interesting and there are always people looking for rentals in Cyprus, so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the benefits.

So are you ready to see how much you can make through property investment in Cyprus? Well you might be amazed to know that a normal 3 bedroom villa can rake in an average of 800 Euro in the peak season. Easy money and than to top that there is great long term rentals in the off season as many Brits seek to get away from the nasty UK winters, which all in all will make a tidy little sum from all year round rental income.

If you want to see an all year round average monthly income, it would be about 2000 Euro making this property venture a very profitable one as the mortgage payments would work out to less than half of that. Don’t miss the boat as the time is right now, although it is advisable to do some good research before you decide on buying your own dream villa in Cyprus.

You can count on a problem free purchase in Cyprus as everything is in your favour. Firstly English is spoken by almost everyone on the island which helps, and you will be impressed with some extremely enthusiastic banks which will put themselves out to get you the mortgage you need. A non-resident can get up to a 70% mortgage and interest rates are much lower than they are in the UK. You will be assisted by a bilingual solicitor throughout the purchase process and they will make sure that all debts are cleared before you sign under the dotted line. They charge a very moderate fee of around 600 Euro and you will certainly feel that it has been money well spent when it’s all over.

You really can’t go wrong at the moment if you buy a villa in Cyprus both as an investment and as an ideal holiday home. You could rent it out to earn high rental income during the peak season and then spend the winter in more sunnier parts. What are you waiting for? If you think this could be for you then I suggest you check out the cyprusinformer blog for further investment tips for buying Cyprus Villas.