Coop Renovations: Chicken Coop Ideas on the Cheap

Coop Renovations: Chicken Coop Ideas on the Cheap

The arrival of a new year always stirs inside of us a need for change. Either, we want to change ourselves (admittedly, the more difficult choice) or to, at the very least, change something. And if you raise chickens, that something is always going to be your coop. So, here are some chicken coop ideas you can use for your renovation.

To Renovate or Not to Renovate?

As with an renovation project, even the smallest touch up is sure to cost you money. And in these hard economic times you can’t really afford to be fixing things that ain’t broken, right? You don’t want to be buying half the hardware store when all your coop really needs is a fresh coat of paint.

A good way to find out if your coop really needs a makeover or not, is to find out first why you need to renovate. It may be simple, but it will save you a lot of money, time, and effort if you know the answer. Also, it can serve as a guide as to which direction and how far you can take your chicken coop ideas while staying within your budget.

For example, some renovations are done to increase egg production. Let’s say that based on your observation, your hens lay more eggs when they’re in an open air coop rather than your current closed one. Then you can make renovations to your closed coop by adding some windows to simulate an open air coop.

Renovations can also be done because of health reasons. Like if you notice that your chickens need more space to scratch and exercise, then maybe you should increase the size of your run. Or maybe, while you’re at it you can make it detachable, so you can keep it store it when your hens are already roosting for the evening.

Other reasons for renovating your coop can also include if you’re preparing it for the winter months, if it sustained damages from bad weather or even just naughty neighborhood kids being kids.

Let’s Talk Budget

After determining if you really do need to renovate, it’s time to talk about that little thing called your budget. Your budget will largely depend on two things: the extent of changes you’re going to make and the size of your coop. Of course, the larger your chicken coop the more paint you’re going to use, the more boards you’ll have to put up, more insulation during the winter time, etc.

But don’t let working on a limited budget limit your chicken coop ideas as well. There are a lot of ways on how to renovate your chicken coop without breaking the bank.

Chicken Coop Renovation Ideas on the Cheap

Use reclaimed wood. Sure, you’ll have to give it more love, but, think about it. If you use reclaimed wood, you’re (1) going to save some money (2) doing your bit to save the environment and (3) getting in a bit of exercise because of sanding (probably, a lot of sanding).

Do not underestimate a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes, this is all the renovation that you need. And if it is, make sure to buy the eco-friendly paints which purifies the air for your chicken’s health as well as yours.

It’s all in the details. Notice how most of the time, the right accessories make the outfit? The same can be applied to your chicken coop. If you want a more rustic feel to your coop, exchange the wrungs of your roost with tree branches. Want summer all year round? Build a thatched roof made of straw.

Plan your chicken coop ideas well. An easy tip would be to pare your renovation ideas down to the basics. This way, you can only spend money and time, on the renovations that are actually needed.