Cleaning Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Ready to assemble Cabinets of every texture require maintenance to keep them in function for many years. If cabinets are not cleaned at regular interval of time then they may lose the luster and glaze like found in wood cabinets. People refrain from small maintenance cost but forget the entire renovation amount if these cook room cabinets lose their charm.

Once you have designed your kitchen, the task doesn’t ends there. You should maintain the cleanliness and mending of cabinets. Maintenance is just like regular fuel added to cabinet vehicle for efficient functional driving. It’s not a thing to be scared of, in spite it’s cost effective, as with small alterations you can retain them as new kitchen cabinet. Manufacturers make durable yet cheap cabinets. But this will be fulfilled only if owner takes basic care tips.

Nothing can stop dust, creatures like termites, moisture entering and penetrating cabinet. Maintenance includes repainting, refacing and cleaning of cabinets. Though to avoid such spoiling instances precautions need to be taken like:


Wiping cabinets regularly with basic water over soft cloth will at least keep dust from settling permanently.

Using several spray solvents will prevent particles and crawling creatures to degrade the quality of cabinets. If you have traditional shaker kitchen cabinets then cleaning the space ceiling and cabinets is also crucial. Hence always start cleaning cabinets from top and not only clean the visible surface. Steel and golden knobs should be daily wiped out.

Using vinegar drops in small quantity for cleaning hardwood cabinets like oak kitchen cabinets and Maple kitchen cabinets will help the veneer coating last for longer time.

If the cabinets are looking dull and warped out, then without replacing them you can first clean them with liquid gold or lemon oil before going for urethane process. If this doesn’t work then probably your cabinets are really torn out.

Clean aluminum Kitchen Cabinetry with slight warm water and detergent.

Avoid use of harsh cleaning agents for wood cabinets as special aids and help is obtained with online vendors like The RTA store Inc. which guide you in every step of designing kitchen and even their maintenance with incredible services for user contentment.


Immediately clean the spill or spots on cabinet surface, before it develops into permanent stain.

Make sure to close cabinet drawers and doors properly after use.
Don’t often use wet cloth for wiping as it will quickly affect the laminated Cheap Cabinets. The lamination will strip out soon.
Avoid paste wax and polishes that contain and silicone. Wax is difficult to remove and accumulated dust easily.

Important note:

Liquid gold and lemon oil are effective to clean the oil furnished surface. Using them will help to retain the oil finish lamination. For non-oily surface it will just collect the dirt as you have put dust collector on DIY Kitchen Cabinets surface.