Child Molester Vehicle Tracking

We seem to have an issue with repeat offenders in child molestation cases. Even more problematic is that these sick minded individuals often will commit their crime and then kill the victim to prevent future identification. There are just too many of these cases in the news lately. I propose a new technology to be used in surveillance; RFID Tracking of the convicted felon’s car. If the car goes by a school it will be registered. If the car stays too close to a school or playground where kids frequent it will notify a central system which will track and alert police. I have come to this conclusion after much review and thought. Many say we should put a bullet in their heads and/or never let them out of prison? Such logic seems like a good solution, although once a person has served their time they should be able to re-enter society. The problem is society has determined through trial and error that repeat offender risk is just too great as they protest in front of the homes or apartments of former sex offenders.

We do not have the resources to constantly watch these folks. Surveillance professionals all know that those they are watching are generally very mobile; moving from place to place often. The FBI and CIA know that to keep a careful eye on such folks is difficult, time consuming and extremely costly from a logistical standpoint. A man on man coverage is often employed as a strategy much like a basketball defense strategy; expect in this case the surveillance team becomes the background of the target. Another way to set up a defense program is through tracking each and every target with in a larger grid format; grid defense. This becomes problematic when the hand off a surveillance target crosses territorial boundaries or during transition the target does something unexpected. But even if we were to do this to child molesters, we simply cannot afford it. There are nearly as many people on the sex offender Internet lists, as there are Lawyers in our country. We just cannot watch everyone, the costs to the taxpayer and manpower needed is logistically impossible; or is it? I believe through newer technologies we can have our cake and eat it too.

With more and more people being put onto watch lists by paranoid government bureaucrats and more and more people using the government to attack their enemies by putting them on watch lists, the costs are becoming quite high. This means budget increases of taxpayer’s monies, which is an issue due to government borrowing. As the Department of Homeland security has found, it is nearly impossible to keep an eye on every new possible in country insurgent in the United States and those who are in organized crime such as gangs, radical groups or even potential connections to International Terrorists. Most citizens are more worried about child molesters than they are International Terrorists in their community. In actuality they should be more concerned with getting environmental cancer or dying in a car accident in the United States. But the people and citizens of our nation wish to be protected and the FBI and law enforcement professionals have their hands full already.

I propose a new invention. A passive RFID Tag, which connects to the electrical system of a car. Here is how it should work. First the antenna of the RFID tag would be made of a highly conductive material and would have razor sharp inner angles. Here is a picture of an RFID Tag;

Figure Number One:

Figure Number Two:

The tags would be attached under the car to exposed wires, which would give them energy when needed. The passive tags would simply ride on the wires until they passed a sensor. The sensors readers would be put inside the road sign poles out of site and have a small piece of tape on the exterior of the sign which would be a cell phone antenna. The road sign itself would be the RFID receiver antenna, which would be placed in the outer border glow in the dark strip around the road sign.

In figure one the RFID Tag antenna would be placed along the wire and attached by splicing the wire in two points along the length of the antenna. In figure two the antenna would be placed perhaps inside of a frame rail and wedged against an automotive electrical wire and splice it at one point where the RFID Tag pierces the polymer insulation on the wire. Each time a target passed by such a road sign the tag would be alert the center for FBI Surveillance.

By using this system we could reduce the number of FBI agents on the payroll and reduce the taxpayers expense for surveillance teams by turning to some old fashion grid defense surveillance. During the cold war the FBI had put transponder units in the dash boards of the Russian Diplomatic Cars which would beep and identify the car each time it crossed a bridge out of Washington DC. Such a plan is not without some history, but with the new technology and passive RFID Tags no one would know that their car was being watched. The good part is that a helicopter, specially equipped police car, truck stop, cargo container crane, rest stop, overpass or border crossing could easily be equipped with the same receiver device and would instantly pick up the gamma target and alert Central Command.

I believe that it is possible to track nearly all suspected International Terrorists without excessive cost to the taxpayer or mistakes during hand offs from MI 6, Scotland Yards, FBI, CIA or other international anti-terrorist surveillance teams. Adding the latest and newest and least expensive technology to our arsenal will save millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money and many lives. And tracking child molesters who generally stay regional using the same plan of grid defense ought to be quite easy. If we use the R and D funding for Department of Homeland Security and DARPA to fund this for International Terrorism; once the system is in place we can track the child molesters with ease. Think on this; Do you want to protect your Children?