Chair Woodworking Plans: 5 Fresh Ideas On Traditional Seating

Chair Woodworking Plans: 5 Fresh Ideas On Traditional Seating

Chair woodworking plans are one of the most common types of woodworking plans available. Chairs are relatively easy to build, require few materials, and are always in demand. Because everyone loves a good chair, we stopped by a few of the best wood plans websites on the net for woodworking plans. After browsing through their seemingly endless supply of wood plans and ideas, we were able to settle on a few favorites.

If you’re considering building a chair or a set of chairs, don’t get started until you’ve had a look at these:

Armchair Plan

Why not start with the most common chair woodworking plans around? An armchair may seem like a basic build when you could just as easily pick one up at the store, but you’ll find the quality of a handmade chair is absolutely unbeatable, especially when you craft it yourself. Requiring very little in terms of material or complicated cuts, an armchair is a fun thing to work on in between major projects. Once you’ve built a frame that you like, find or make some cushions for a stellar chair at a low price.

Adirondack Rocking Chair Plan

If building a regular armchair doesn’t strike your fancy, then this beautiful set of chair woodworking plans may be for you. In them, you’ll learn how to build a stunning two-seater Adirondack rocking chair out of pine (of course, the type of wood is completely your choice). With just a jigsaw, drill, and a sander, you’ll be amazed at how nice this chair looks when completed.

Cedar Garden Chair with Ottoman Plan

Sometimes you have all the furniture you’ll ever need plus more in your house. When this is the case, try your hand at building something for the great outdoors. Because cedar resists rot very well, this chair and ottoman will last for years on your patio or deck. Additionally, the build is quite simple with a finger-jointed box frame and a few thick legs. Of all the chair woodworking plans we saw, this is one of our favorites for an outdoor piece.

High-Backed Dining Chair Plan

Because many woodworker’s first completed project is a table, we thought it might be nice to include a dining room chair. These specific plans involve a chair with a narrow and tall back, low seat height, and very little material cost. Bear in mind that one dining room chair is never enough. Be ready to build an entire set of these beauties.

Classic Rocker Plan

What would a home be without a rocking chair? One of the mainstays of the American home, rocking chairs are wonderful places to read a book, have a nap, or just generally take a moment away from the chaos of every day life. This chair has strong and simple lines and can be completely assembled with hand tools – no power drilling required. After all, why should building a chair for relaxing be more work than a chair with a working purpose?

Chairs are often overlooked woodworking projects. Many chair woodworking plans can be complicated to construct and the thought of building an entire set of dining room chairs is a little intimidating. With these creative chair woodworking plans your next seating-related project may turn out to be a snap.