Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands

The city:

The Cayman Islands are situated in the Caribbean Sea. This region is the financial hub of the Caribbean. This island group comprises of three islands: Little Cayman, Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman. The most developed one is the Grand Cayman, which is 22 miles in length and 8 miles in width.

Cayman Islands have high living standards, and most of the population of these islands resides on Grand Cayman. Most of the residents are the Protestants of African or British descent and many of them are from the mixed racial ethnicity. The official language of these Islands is English. People accents retain the elements passed down from Scottish, English and Welsh settlers. Islanders of Jamaican origin converse in there own language. The history of these islands is affluent with striking details, and these islands have a cool weather. The coldest month in these Islands is February, and the warmest month is in July.

The main industries of this island are offshore banking and tourism. The Cayman Island attracts many citizens and international businesses to relocate because of its success in the financial service industries and tourism.

The favorites:

Pedro St James: This grand house has a great attraction value, as this is the place of birth of democracy. This landmark reviews more than 200 years of local history, and includes spectacular special effects.

Botanical Park: This park is in the Grand Cayman, and comprises of floral garden, heritage garden, and visitor’s center.

Turtle Farm: There are more than 16000 sea turtles at this place and you can see big, as well as small turtles here.

Stingray city: You can find several stingrays swimming here, in water 12 feet deep. It is a great place for scuba diving.

National Museum: This is the best tourist attraction of Grand Cayman, and tells about the heritage of the Cayman Islands.

Snuba: The Cayman Islands offer snorkeling and scuba simultaneously, thereby giving a new term for it: snuba.

Atlantis Submarine: At the Atlantis submarine, people can go underwater to view marine life up close.

You can find good and inexpensive jewelry at these islands.

Everyone who visits the Cayman Islands goes to these attractions, as these are the best among many others at these beautiful islands.