Camera Surveillance For Novices III – Secret Security

There are quite a few ways that someone can install camera surveillance and motion detection systems in their homes without anyone knowing or seeing them if they’re not already informed about it.

Camera systems are already so small these days that even the “normal” camera can be hard to spot sometimes, and if you go the extra few steps to actually actively concealing these systems, there will be almost no way of detecting them for someone not “in the know”. There are a few main types of cameras that are available to the public at a reasonable price that can be concealed.

The best of these, to keep it short and sweet, are cameras that can be concealed as part of your home’s structure, as opposed to cameras disguised as objects. First of all, cameras that are integrated into your home’s structure can be somewhat larger, and maintain higher quality images. That might be instrumental if you actually have to use the footage for some reason or other.

Object-mimicking cameras are often unreliable, and any of them still use battery power, so you will never know if they actually caught the crime on tape. Always use cameras that connects to your home’s electrical grid. Pinhole or bullet (or “finger”) cameras are the best way to go. They have an extremely small “footprint”, and though these cost more than your average camera, they can deliver just as good images as a dome camera and be concealed anywhere – how about next to that halogen spot in the ceiling? Or just below – hey, what about inside – that vent in the corner?

With footprints that are small enough not to notice even when staring right at it, there literally are no limits to where you can place a camera that no one will see. Just make sure that the camera sees them. Adjusting for angle of view is sometimes difficult with concealed systems, and the proverb that states that you should measure twice and cut once definitely holds true – it is sort of a give-away if you have three or four holes in the ceiling around the one that actually holds the camera.

A good hidden camera system will cost you somewhat more than a conventional system, but may very well be worth it in the long run. You will be less vulnerable to sabotage – how can you disable a camera if you can’t find it – and given that they are unintrusive, you can place more of them in strategic spots around the house without being bothered by less-than-flattering installations sticking out and hanging down everywhere. A final consideration – most people opt for video surveillance only…have you given any thought to audio? Microphones have been small for years – only your imagination can limit what you might do with them.

Remember to always inform you insurance company when you install security measures in your home! Your premiums may go down considerably!