Burglar Alarm Sounds, What Do They Mean?

Burglar Alarm Sounds, What Do They Mean?

The burglar alarm sound is among very important components of a security system. First and foremost, it warns the property owner of an intrusion into his privacy. Second, a security alarm system warns an intruder of the discovery of the intrusion. These two are the basics of a robbery warning system.

Warning of an Intrusion Discovery
A security alarm system does not really intend to help property owners or residents to catch thieves. That’s for the cops to handle. What it should do is warn both occupant and intruder. Thus, the burglar alarm sound installed in a system should be loud and distinguishable enough for everyone in the premise to hear. The moment the alarm is set off, the intruder is warned that the crime is discovered. Better if others in the immediate neighborhood could also hear it. This leaves the prowler no choice but to escape and disappear. This is the safest and simplest intention of a security alarm system.

Discourage and Apprehend the Criminal
Another protection alarm intention is to dissuade intruders and also help cops catch them. In this case, the burglar alarm sound used is aimed at getting the attention of the occupant, the prowler, and the nearest police station. The sound is set off loud enough in the premises at the same time that the security alarm system also sends a warning sound or signal to the cops. The goal is either to disperse and catch the thief, or disperse and give the thief a powerful warning that cops are in on the system.

On-Premise Apprehension
Here’s a more complicated protection system. If the property owner wants to see who the thief is, the owner can opt for an on-premise apprehension security system. This involves a burglar alarm sound that is inaudible to the prowler but distinguishable to the occupant and a police station nearby. When the alarm is set off (often by a disturbed beam system connection) the property owner receives a soft warning sound or signal. This sound is just enough to warn the occupant to hide and lock up in a secure location. Meanwhile, the system also sends a signal to a police station. The responding cops proceed quietly, with the aim of catching the thief.

Remote Protection System
Another complicated system is one where the property owner is warned of an intrusion or break-in even while away. The alarm sound may or may not be audible to the prowler. The important thing is that the owner is warned to keep away from the premise while cops are at the height of an apprehension or hot pursuit.

Thus, the type of burglar alarm sound used in a particular system works according to what end result is desired.