Benefits of Maintaining High Voltage Equipment Proactively

The performance and reliability of the important electrical assets like switch gear, transformers, circuit breakers, switches and protective relays have a direct effect on the productivity and performance of your facility. The success of your business depends on the performance and condition of those electrical assets. Thus, it is highly important to regularly inspect and maintain the high voltage electrical installations. Whether you are a startup or want to enhance the operations, productivity of the assets, with right high voltage maintenance service as your partner you can carry on the tasks systematically.

Importance of Hiring Preventive Maintenance Service

Electrical equipment degrades with time, but that does not mean it would fail to perform. With preventive maintenance service, you can come to know about the equipment’s present condition and find out the most manageable and practical solution to improve the overall performance, reliability, and safety. Remember, when high voltage electrical equipment fails to work, you may need to suffer loss of income due to the temporary halt in the operation besides bearing the huge replacement cost. Thus, without any further delay, you must appoint a team of professionals with knowledge in high voltage maintenance service.

Owners of high voltage installations are responsible for guaranteeing safe operation of the entire electrical infrastructure. Inspection and renovation will extend the service life of the equipment and uncover the reasons of lost performance. By finding out the faults timely, you can correct and enhance the system’s performance, hence before investing your capital on equipment replacement, contact with a reputed team of high voltage engineers. This will further make sure a safe work environment for the people and operators working in the surrounding area.

Elements of a preventive maintenance program include

• The maintenance service inspects typical equipment like transformers, circuit breakers, switch gear, switches etc to check the structural soundness

• Inspection of the systems that more likely become the subject of malfunction

• Quick repair of the faulty parts observed during the inspection and testing

• Replacement of worn out or broken parts

Being the owner or manager of the facility, you must arrange the necessary spare parts for the systems that require frequent repairs. Use a well thought-out record-keeping system to schedule the tests and try to document the inspections. The appointed high voltage engineering team must provide a detailed report on the test results, give practical advice on the follow-up actions, and recommendation on the safe work practices.