Barbados East Coast Villas

Most Barbados villas rentals are on the West coast of Barbados, the big names are Sandy lane, Holetown and all along the coast from Holetown to Speightstown. I suppose the big appeal here is that you have more restaurants than you can shake a stick at and the big clincher is it’s on the Caribbean Sea side. It also means that with it been in high demand the price of a Barbados Villa Rental is also that much more and the roads are also busier compared to the quieter East Coast of Barbados.

My job is to go over to Barbados and stay in the villas that we offer, this way we can advise our clients on location, decor, the feel of the place and whether it is suitable for children or the infirm. Most of my visits to Barbados have mainly been on the West Coast, I have stayed in Sandy Lane, Sunset Crest, Villas on the Beach, Schooner Bay, Paynes Bay, The Tennis Village plus many of the Barbados beachfront villas along the West Coast, but this visit I decided to take a trip and spend a few nights on the East Coast of Barbados.

Sam’s Lord Castle Complex is on the East Coast, it is just above the Crane Hotel, which at the moment is building a shopping village within its grounds to represent Barbados heritage down the years, it’s going to be a fabulous place to visit once completed, which should be later this year. I spent a fabulous few nights at Hunter Cottage a beautiful three bed villa set in a lush and beautiful maintained garden, there are many aspects I like about the villas at Sam’s Lords Castle Complex, it is peaceful, very safe for the kids to play on the grassy lawns, you can here the Atlantic waves crashing down onto the nearby beach and the staff just make you feel like you’re really are on holiday.