Attention – Property Investment Can Seriously Improve Your Wealth (Part 1)

The decision to invest in property (or “real estate” as it is often called) is the most important decision that you will ever make in your quest to become rich. Property investment is for everyone, from the labourer to the office secretary and anyone can be successful, even with none of their own money. There are people who can show you how. Property investment is without doubt the easiest way to escape the rat race and enter the world of the wealthy. The advantages of property investment are clear and easy to understand and you can’t afford to be ignorant of the facts. You simply must read on.

Is it wrong to desire riches? Is it wrong to desire the ability to do what you please, when you please? Is it wrong to want to provide the best for your loved ones, your family? Your pious and humble colleague would say “yes”, but he is the one who will never have the confidence to stand up and make something of himself. He will forever be a slave to his monthly payslip. You and I will never quite understand him and his ilk because we truly believe that we can do better. If you don’t believe that you can do it, then you should! How can you do it? You must learn to invest in property. Get some property investment education. It’s really not difficult. You don’t need any A-Levels or university degrees. The information is out there on the internet and you can understand it just as well as anyone else. Anybody can grasp the concepts and techniques that are available to you on the internet today for free. Let’s open your eyes to the possibilities by discussing just why I believe that property is such a great investment.

Looking around us, we surely see a crowded country. It’s a fine country, teeming with busy, hard-working people, all exchanging their time for money to provide for their burgeoning families. Good. I’m glad to see them and you should be too. These people are the backbone of our economy and they go to work every day because they can’t think of any other way to earn money. Today, you may count yourselves amongst them. Yet you are different. You understand that there are other ways to make money in this world without going to work and exchanging your precious time for money. Therefore, you are looking for a moral and legitimate way to pull yourself out of the rat race. You have found it in the form of property investment!

You understand that your fellow citizens all need somewhere to live. You can see that more and more people are coming to your country to seek work and a better life. Why shouldn’t they? Perhaps we’d be doing the same in their shoes. You can see that people are continuing to have large numbers of children who will too grow up needing somewhere to live. You look around and realise that there is only a certain amount of land to go around. As someone once remarked, “Buy land because they ain’t makin’ any more of it”! You know that land is a finite resource and for that reason, it’s only going to increase in value as time rolls by.

You’ve also heard that real estate has continued to increase in value so that many of your fellow citizens can’t afford to buy their own home any more. Many of them are obliged to rent, rather than buy. They have to rent from landlords. Wouldn’t it be great if you were a landlord, providing a good roof for someone whilst making a bit of money in the process? Of course it would. So let’s do it.

Finite or limited resources such as land and real estate (also silver, gold, oil etc), increase in value with time due to the power of inflation. In contrast, currencies lose their value over time as more money is printed and the price of goods goes up. Real estate has to increase in value alongside inflation otherwise you would be able to buy a property today for the price it was purchased for many hundreds of years ago at the beginning of our financial system! Think about that for a minute. When you consider that the main reason people need to work so hard today is to pay their rent or mortgage repayments, what would happen to society if you could buy a house for a penny? People would hardly bother going to work because they could afford to live very comfortably on the money that they had. Without inflation, food, drink and services would cost a tiny fraction of the average wage today so people would hardly need to work. Society would grind to a halt. This is clearly unrealistic because inflation means that wages must rise a little too, but it illustrates what would happen if real estate didn’t increase with inflation which it has and will continue to. Inflation is a reality so logically it must follow that property will continue to increase in value with time. You can bet on it. If you bought a house 20 years ago, how much more would it be worth now? Exactly!

Inflation is clearly a good thing for property investors. Savvy investors know that over the years their new asset is virtually guaranteed to increase in value, so increasing their personal wealth.

We have established that property will increase in value over the years and that there is only so much of it to go around. You know that people will always want to buy your property because people will always need somewhere to live. You know that you can charge them a sum of money to live in your property that exceeds your expenses, so you are going to make a profit.

Your profit is called passive income and it’s all yours. That’s your ticket out of a life of servitude in your current day job and into a Rolls Royce lifestyle. Passive income is what you get when you don’t do any work for your money. You earn whilst you sleep and that is the key to becoming rich.

The population is very unlikely to shrink so you will always have a market of potential tenants. Available land for new building is scarce and Green Belts are fiercely protected by the public and their local councils. There is currently a massive shortage of housing and projected government home building plans are predicted to fall woefully short of the numbers required in the coming decades. Construction companies aren’t even building many houses at the moment because of this period of recession, so the shortfall is going to be even worse. This is a good thing for property investors as our assets will become even more valuable.

This article should have persuaded you that you need to get some property investment education in order to make it big in the world of property. There is plenty of free property investment education on the internet but you need to know where to look. If you still need further persuading about the merits of the property market or you would like to know more about the advantages of property investment, be sure to read part 2 of this educational series. See you next time.