Arguments and Reasons For Using Video Surveillance

According to a recent survey by the Harris Poll, 96 percent of Americans support the use of video surveillance in public places by the government and law enforcement agencies to prevent terrorism. Of course we all know that video surveillance is used for more than just preventing terrorism, but also to keep watch in our homes and businesses, on streets, in parks and in several other places.

So what are some of the arguments for the use of CCTV surveillance systems across the country?

1. Peace of Mind – A security camera system can provide peace of mind for you, your family, employees and customers. Because they always watch, you do not have to worry about your loved ones or property while away. They help people to feel more secure in their surroundings and to know that if something did happen help can arrive quickly.

2. Loss Prevention – CCTV cameras can help keep personal belongings, merchandise and money where it belongs. The systems can monitor employees and customers to make sure nothing is out of place and reduce theft. A huge part of retail theft is due to internal losses, so this is a huge part of the industry.

3. Crime Deterrent – Security cameras can make a target less attractive. If would-be criminals spot a camera, they may reconsider their plans. It can prevent your family, customers and employees from being victims of a crime. Often, dummy cameras are used as such deterrents, but one has to weigh the risks of gambling their assets on a “hoax.”

4. Solving Cases – Number 3 brings us here; if the cameras do not work as a crime deterrent, then the footage video surveillance systems capture can be used as evidence and help ensure that the proper arrests and prosecutions are made in case of a theft, vandalism or assault.

5. Monitoring Productivity – Many companies use multiple security cameras in breakrooms, on sales floors and in hallways to monitor employee productivity. While practical, some people definitely do not agree with this use of CCTV Cameras because they believe it fosters ill will and animosity between the worker and employer.

6. Analyzing Trends – Perhaps one of the most practical applications, if none of the others are considered so, is the use of Security Cameras for monitoring and analyzing trends in retail situations where one needs to know how many people to schedule during a specific part of the day or where they should place certain merchandise on the sales floor. Monitoring a surveillance system can allow a business owner to make educated decisions on these matters.

These arguments are among the most common ones made for CCTV surveillance. There are sure to be others, and there are most certainly arguments against its use, so feel free to comment and let us know what your thoughts are. We are seeing a growth in the physical security industry, and will likely see an increased use of cameras in public places in the coming years, so it is becoming increasingly important for the public to be aware and knowledgeable regarding what will be out there watching them.