A Full Frame DSLR – High Tech Super-Camera

A Full Frame DSLR – High Tech Super-Camera

If you are looking for a high tech super-camera, then you should check out a full frame DSLR.  These cameras are among the highest quality offered by Canon, Nikon and Sony – and the competition is stiff!  That means manufacturers are offering a lot of cutting-edge features at very competitive prices.

Full frame DSLR’s are viewed as the flagships of each company’s camera line.  So this is where many of the latest tech developments get showcased.  In addition, these companies have recognized the demand for this high quality to trickle down into more affordable cameras.  Now the latest technology is available for mid-range prices that serious amateurs can afford.

What makes a full frame DSLR a super-camera?

One high tech feature is the “Live View” function (except the Sony A900).  This technology is constantly improving and the full frame DSLR’s are first to benefit.  Live View is very popular among landscape and macro photographers.  It allows you to compose and focus your shot using the LCD screen–a relatively new feature for DSLR’s.

Another super-feature is powerful processors.  A full frame sensor captures a lot of information and requires quick, powerful processing to get the job done.  Some of these cameras are even equipped with dual processors!

Expect a full frame DSLR to capture images with extremely low distortion–called digital noise.  These cameras can maintain a high image quality even when used in low light, or without a flash.  You can also freeze fast action sports and keep excellent color depth and clarity.

Video capability is included with some full frame DSLR’s.  This opens up a whole new world to the traditional photographer.  There is a huge quality advantage over camcorders because of the excellent selection of lenses.  The Canon 5D Mark II can actually record full HD quality at 1080p resolution!