5 Reasons Inexpensive Truck Bed Mats Are Worth a Look

5 Reasons Inexpensive Truck Bed Mats Are Worth a Look

Without some kind of protection, most pickup truck beds suffer serious damage fairly early in life. Just normal use scratches paint and often inflicts dents as well. With the addition of simple truck bed mats, much of that expensive to fix damage could be avoided. Here are 5 reasons to consider mats for a truck.

1. No water pools for rust starts.

If water can’t get out the front bed drains it will begin the downhill slide of rust and corrosion. Hidden water under some liners just sits there and causes trouble. But with a mat in place, pooled water is easy to see and easy to stop. Just fold the mat away from the drains and stop the problem in seconds.

2. Mats stay put.

Somebody remarked upon seeing my rubber bed mat that I hadn’t glued it down. Really leaving off the glue makes for a better system in every way. Actually, these mats aren’t going to fly away anyway. It’s because of the heavy weight and also because the mat lies flat and provides little for the wind to grab. Rubber bed mats stay put and won’t be gone with the wind.

3. Installation means just rolling it out.

Rubber mats roll out and that’s all it takes to install one. Just get it in place at the back of the bed and remove any ties or tape and just give a gentle shove. Work it around the fender wells and any other obstacles and you’re done. The only really hard part is just lifting it into the bed. That much rubber, if the mat is rubber, weighs quite a bit.

4. Put away that drill.

Drilling holes in a truck bed causes mental anguish for this truck owner. Every hole created becomes a start for corrosion. Just simply rolling out bed mats looks so alluring. There’s no drill hole and bare metal to harm the bed at all.

5. No hidden damage from moving and shaking.

Being able to almost instantly see the bed for observation means little chance of damage occurring under the mat. Loose fitting plastic bed liners may vibrate and rub paint away. Since then shiny metal hides under a hard to remove bed liner, the pickup bed may slowly start to rust and pit. That won’t happen under a bed mat since the mat can’t harm the bed and the paint beneath the mat can be seen so easily.

Truck bed mats easily protect bed paint and more. The mats make perfect protection for more expensive liners as well. Using mats over spray on liners lets you really use a truck and still keep the spray liner looking new.